Foundry Americium: Compounds, Elements & Musings

Tuesday evening, while out on the golf course with one of the vendors from work, I was able to enjoy a cigar from one of my favorite cigar companies Foundry. Smoked the Americium element from there Compounds, Elements, and Musings line, which I absolutely love, this is one of the reasons I like Foundry so much. All the way down to there unique boxes, you can tell they really take pride in what they do. Currently i am on a quest to smoke all of the elements. The only thing i wish they would have done with that line is create a fake periodic table that you can stick the bands to and collect them all, yea I know a bit corny. Okay enough of that, lets get into the cigar.


The Foundry Americium Toro starts off quite strong with flavors cherry and nut, with an acidic aftertaste. This was the first time I have every tasted the cherry flavor so strongly. About half way through the cigar the flavors began to mellow out and it was an all round smooth smoking experience at that point. However while not being terrible i found the last third of this cigar to lack flavor, I really only took in a smokey taste. The cigar had a very smooth draw all the way through and held its heat very well. It had about an 80 minute smoke time for me and even though it was quite windy the ash seemed to hand on very well. Even though the flavors died out towards the end I would very much smoke this cigar again, especially for the flavorful beginning.


Style: Toro
Length: 6″
Ring Gauge: 52
Country of Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduran
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduras ,Dominican Republic & Nicaraguan
Price: $6.00 – $7.00

Now who do I equate this cigar to:

For me, its Mike Richards…


Mike Richards burst on the scene in Philadelphia using his talent and relentless efforts to earn himself the “C” at a young age. He would lead the Flyers to an improbable Stanley Cup run, that they would eventually lose to Chicago, in 2010. Unfortunately just two seasons later his attitude and poor off ice decisions would land him in an unexpected trade to the LA Kings.


Richards would have mild success in LA, while no longer the face of an organization he was able to help win a pair of Stanley Cups. As the seasons went on Richards would begin to see drastic drops in his point production and ice time, resulting in another move, this time to the Washington Capitals.


In Washington Richards would become but a footnote on one of the best team seasons the NHL has scene in a long time.


Style: Grinder
Length: 5’11”
Ring Gauge: 199lbs
Country of Origin: Canada
Binder: Kenora
Filler: Flyers, Kings, Capitals
Price: $510,000.00 (current)

Comacho Criollo

This weekend my wife headed of to Cape May for her cousins batchelorette party, she is the matron of honer, which left me to do as I pleased. So on Saturday I sat down with a Comacho Criollo Robusto, and a grass of single barrel Jack (an anniversary present). I have to say that the ceder flavors of the cigar worked excellently with the oak barrel taste of the Jack.


I picked this cigar up from Famous Smoke shop along with some others. The cigar band has a bright yellow background, larger black lettering and a black scorpion on it. It definitely stands out on the shelves in a humidor. I found its wrapper interesting as well as it looked like a leaf you might find in the woods, with very defined vanes. I enjoyed the flavors of the cigar as the first few puffs had a very distinct sweet cedar taste to me with a bit of nut. The taste of cedar would come and go and I would taste these big kicks of pepper, almost spicy if you would, which I found very interesting. This cigar smoked well for me the drag was very easy, I did have a little trouble in the beginning getting it to burn easily but after that it was smooth sailing.


Style: Robusto
Length: 5″
Ring Gauge: 50
Country of Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Honduran
Binder: Corojo
Filler: Honduras and Dominican Republic
Price: $6.00

For me this cigar reminds me of:

Martin St. Louis


St. Louis while being considered robusto for the NHL, would become and NHL and a household name,despite going un-drafted, great in any situation much like Camacho. St. Louis would stand out on the ice because of his incredible speed which came from his legs that fellow players would refer to as tree trunks.


However just because you are small and fast or have a bright yellow wrapper that may make you stand out from the rest, non of that matters if you don’t finish strong, and that is something that both the Comacho Criollo and Martin St. Louis do.


Style: Sniper
Length: 5 ft 8 in
Ring Gauge: 176lbs
Country of Origin: Canada
Wrapper: Tampa Bay Lightning
Binder: New York Rangers
Filler: Grit
Price: 6,000,000 per year


Asylum Lobotomy Toro

Wow our first post this is going to be awesome, well more realistically it is going to be a mess as I figure out what works best, so feel free to let me know your thought and ideas. Okay, here we go… The first cigar that we will be discussing is the Asylum Lobotomy Toro. I have to say I rather enjoyed this cigar even while sitting in the hot humid Memorial Day weekend sun. For me (remember still a novice) this cigar was very smooth and the flavor of pepper for me didn’t change all that much through the entire smoke. I enjoyed that it was very easy to smoke, burned extremely evenly, to the point that I actually mentioned it to the people around me at the time. and lasted around 75 minutes for me. I really like the name of this cigar as well as the band, which consists of a black and white skull with a lobotomy kit below it.


Famous Smoke Shop Exclusive

Cost: $4.50

Length: 6″

Ring: 50

Origin: Nicaragua

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Fill/Binder: Nicaragua

And now for the moment of truth, who does the Lobotomy best remind me of:

tie domieTie Domi: let’s be honest, with a name like Asylum Lobotomy who else was as crazy a player as Mr. Domi? While attending a Flyers game when I was a young lad I watched a fan that was trash talking Domi fall into the penalty box with him. Domi would then proceed to beat the tar out of said fan, only to then take him out to dinner the next time he was in town. That my friends is crazy.

It is also only fair to mention that Domi was a consistent player much like this cigar that gave you the same performance every time he was on the ice at a very inexpensive cost.